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At Georgia Conference of Home Inspectors we are dedicated to providing all of the necessary tools to aid students in establishing professional inspecting careers. Our residential home inspection course uses a combination of elements to ensure a balanced and informative training experience. 

Full Course Tuition Only $1495

just $500 down to start

            Pay your deposit for the September course by September 1st and you will receive                      an additional $200 off your course tuition. Just for early registration.    

                            Course is 6 weeks and starts on September 26 - November 1 2018

                                        Wednesday and Thursday 630pm-930pm

                              Orientation will be held on September 22 2018 at 10 am

                        November Course will be the last class of the 2018 year. This course will                                                        begin on November 7- December 13 2018

Fast Track Only $495

                 This course is for those that are ICC Knowledgeable- Former Home Inspectors                      or General Contractors Only.  This Course includes 3 weeks of class time                            (21 hours), a general knowledge exam, 2 field inspections, and instructor lead                              report writing training. Upon completion of above requirements, student                        receives a Home Inspection Certification valid in GA and SC in addition to                          Georgia Conference of Home Inspectors School Membership.

                                                               October 17 - November 1 

                 Field Training Only $195

                   For former inspectors and those who have received online training

                                                        October 20th 10 am and 1 pm


Course Calendar

GCHI begins a new class session every 6 weeks. Our home inspection classes are every Wednesday and Thursday 6:30pm to 9:30pm to be accompanied by 2 Saturday morning field inspections for 6 weeks. For exact dates please call, calendar is subject to change. August 8 - September 6* September 26- November 1* November 7 - December 13

Now Offering

GCHI Now has tool kits for sale, more info coming soon!

Drone Training Now Available!