Our 6 week lecture course uses a combination of elements to ensure a balanced and informative training experience. Upon completion of all coursework, students are required to take and pass a final examination. 

Certification Course Elements & Initiatives as follows:

I. National Electrical Code (One & Two Family Dwellings)

  • Residential Wiring
  • Service Entrance Inspection
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
  • Over-current Protection
  • Methods of Grounding
  • Common deficiencies

II. Residential Plumbing Code

  • Supply lines/Types of materials
  • DWV (Drain Waste Vent System)
  • Back-flow Cross Connections/Back Siphonage
  • Common Residential Violations 

III. Basic Structural Design

  • Architectural Types (Local)
  • Foundation Types
  • Live load/Dead load
  • Decks/Patios/Walkways/Driveways
  • Flooring/Subfloor
  • Crawlspace/Basement/Slab
  • Garage/Attic

V. Exterior Siding

  • Brick, Stucco, Wood, Composite
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems)
  • Brick Veneer
  • Drainage/Landscaping/Stairs


  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Forced-Air Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • Code Requirements



The home inspection certification course requires each student to actively participate in a minimum of two Instructor- led Field Inspections. These field exercises provide each student with the knowledge and skills required to conduct and complete a comprehensive Home Inspection performed according to the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice.